Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker is the solo project of composer/producer Lauren Edman, who has been engineering and producing her own music since she was a Sound Recording Technology major at SUNY Fredonia back in the early 2000s.

Classically trained in voice, piano, and clarinet — and self-taught on guitar, banjo, dobro, and some other things – she gets anxious if she writes a song that sounds much like something she’s already written. She has a soft spot for classical, musical theater, trip hop, folk, alternative lady singers of the 1990s, RPG soundtracks from the 1990s, vocal jazz standards, and some electronica and ambient music.

Although she likes the idea of people enjoying her music, having a “music career” has never really called to her. She spends ages toiling away on her music in solitude and releases it if she deems it worthy of public consumption. If some people end up hearing it and liking it, she figures that’s pretty good.